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Esta es la página de Belight de fuente. Fue creado por . Esta fuente es gratuito para uso personal y no puede ser utilizada con fines comerciales. Esta fuente fue publicado en, en 18/12/2020 04:45, y se colocó en el "Gótico - Moderno" category. Versión de la fuente Belight es "1.000". Puede descargar la fuente Belight de forma gratuíta botón de descarga. Este archivo fue comprimido en un archivo ZIP para su conveniencia. Contiene 1 ficheros.

Nota del autor

La Fabrique Identitaire Standard license agreement By setting the fonts La Fabrique Identitaire, accept the terms and conditions of this license. Fonts La Fabrique Identitaire and/or illustrations have the possibility to use two output devices, as well as seven computers connected to the same network. If your configuration exceeds this format, you must contact La Fabrique Identitaire at to extend your license. You are responsible for securing this product as well as unauthorized copies. If you do not agree the terms of this license, delete the files from your computer and notify via La Fabrique Identitaire. ( 1. Each font La Fabrique Identitaire is licensed for 2 printers and/or output peripherals in conjunction with a maximum of 7 computers 2. An upgrade license must be purchased for use in higher numbers given by paragraph 1. Namely 25% of the total price of each version by the output device of any kind whatever and 50% of the total price of each version by computr or other device whatever. 3. Fonts La Fabrique Identitaire may not be copied in any form whatever except for backup purposes. Fonts La fabrique Identitaire can not be rented, sub-licensed, or lent to another person or entity whithout explicit permission granted by La Fabrique Identitaire or one of his representative. 4. The fonts can not be returned or exchanged except in case of defective file. Fonts defective will be replaced by the same font but functional, if accompanied by proof of purchase and La Fabrique Identitaire be notified whithin one week of purchase. 5. Any shema, EPS files, illustrations or elements derived from font La Fabrique Identitaire must be used under the terms of the original license. 6. The user La Fabrique Identitaire's font agree to respect the terms of this license. Any violation of condition will cause the end of the license. 7. La fabrique Identitaire makes no guarantees as to the merchantability, equation for a particular purpose or otherwise. La Fabrique Identitaire can not be held responsible for damages direct, indirect or incidental, including the loss of profits, business interruption, and loss of business documents, from the use or the impossibility to use a font La Fabrique Identitaire. La Fabrique Identitaire


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