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KR New Astro fuente

Esta es la página de KR New Astro de fuente. Esta fuente es gratuito para uso personal y no puede ser utilizada con fines comerciales. Esta fuente fue publicado en, en 23/10/2012 12:25, y se colocó en el "Dingbats - Esotérico" category. Versión de la fuente KR New Astro es "". Puede descargar la fuente KR New Astro de forma gratuíta botón de descarga. Este archivo fue comprimido en un archivo ZIP para su conveniencia. Contiene 1 ficheros.

Nota del autor

This is a freeware font...have fun with it!

Legal mumbo jumbo:

This font was created by me, KAT ( and is FREE to use for PERSONAL USE ONLY. It may NOT be used for commercial purposes or sold in any way.

My fonts MAY be placed on any website available for download, providing proper CREDIT is given

to me and this README.txt file is left in tact and attached. Please also contact me first! :)

I am not and can not be held resposible for any damages incurred to any computer after installing and/or using this font.

All fonts have been made with freeware/royalty free images. If you made any of the images or know who did, write me and I'll remove it from my site immediately upon confirmation. No need to get all IPPITY :)

If you use this font, send me the link! I'd like to see what you did with it and add your URL to my page.

You can see all of my fonts at

If you like this font or have an idea for a font, let me know! Send your mail to




KR New Astro font preview

Mapa fuente

KR New Astro font map


KR New Astro font waterfall

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