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Eerie Pubs Dingbats II fuente

Esta es la página de Eerie Pubs Dingbats II de fuente. Esta fuente es gratis se puede utilizar sin ningún tipo de restricciones y. Esta fuente fue publicado en, en 04/06/2012 07:55, y se colocó en el "Dingbats - Horror" category. Versión de la fuente Eerie Pubs Dingbats II es "". Puede descargar la fuente Eerie Pubs Dingbats II de forma gratuíta botón de descarga. Este archivo fue comprimido en un archivo ZIP para su conveniencia. Contiene 1 ficheros.

Nota del autor

Eerie Pubs Dingbats II - The Victims
Version 1.0

? 2005 Letters From The Claw - Freeware!
This font may be freely redistributed, but only if done in a frantic panic. Please include this text file.

Well! Your Emperor's first font release in, what...six years? Yikes. And to think that I'd set out to make a font from Sinistar! (Which is coming, and not in six years, either.)

While at least one gruesome ghouly proved too darn attractive to ignore, most of the 26 images in this dingbat font are of the "normal human" variety. My intention here is to offer images which might resemble, in some way, the more prosaic and pedestrian "people" clipart images found in your more mundane and everyday dingbat fonts. The difference is that the people found in Eerie Pubs stories were NOT normal, and might provide that hint of otherworldly menace you just can't find in most office clipart. Hence the subtitle "The Victims".

You'll also find the logos for the main Eerie Pubs magazines, so that you may put them at the top of your documents and play at being Myron Fass himself, head of a vast empire of schlock publishing. May the ghosts watch over you and keep you safe, Mr. Fass, whereever you are.

The font is laid out as follows:

A - Terror Tales logo
B - B-movie dame
C - Cut-off head
D - Drowning man
E - "Eeewww!" girl
F - Fanatic Eerie Pubs fan
G - Gossipy Nurse
H - Horror Tales logo
I - "I hate him!" Girl
J - "Just gimme that!" Starving couple
K - Krafty surgeon
L - "Loose shit everywhere!" Maniac
M - Man, screamin'
N - "Nice day t'day, innit?" Salesman
O - 3D Monsters logo
P - "Please don't kiss me!" Man who knows Eerie Pubs gals!
Q - "Quick! Turn to page 302!" Panicky couple
R - Running guy (probably not going to make it, either.)
S - Suicide panel - fill in his final thought yourself!
T - Tales From The Tomb logo
U - Ugly girl - Don't judge her, society!
V - Vampire - Sorry, just too scary not to use.
W - Weird logo
X - Witches' Tales logo
Y - Tales of Voodoo logo
Z - Zombie

I do not lay claim to the copyright on these images, but somebody somewhere may, so prudence is advised. I do not provide warranty for this font file, but it hasn't made my computer blow up yet, so I think you're probably safe. I do offer many such fonts created by Your Emperor, for free, at: None of them, so far as I know, have ever made a computer blow up, either.

The Claw

"Mother, I've had a quarrel with Roger. I hate him! I'm coming to visit you!" - "I Hate Him!" girl


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